Sunday, May 30, 2010

an ancient lake

and so i look across the basin wide
dry bright autumn
time of wincing light

hope was there
suspended in far space
open with nothingness
and full

i sit on the valley ring
and with my mind feet
walk across water
of ancient lake

basin filler
range shaper
open water
now puddle maker

Great Sea
from rugged slope
to red dry wanders
of earth missing

flatland washed away
only God's cairns left
to mark the passage
of epochs

i too am gone
inside looking out
at greener fields over There
the far side of basin
and range
and over again
a distance grand enough
to hold fully

so i descend west
from a one time beach
to walk
away from past
away from ghosts forging
chains that bind
bind to lives
of life and love lived
lessons never learned
without the test of me
over There

one step
two steps forward
to peer behind for a clear memory
of past haunting

turn again
to pace and smile for
greener fields still
just over hill
or the next
promise builds on dreams
of promise
over there

i am close now
strange smells shape
land i do not know
chains gone i float

float unattached
to arrive at the end
i have sought
but not the place

i am my only baggage

i look upon the big water
but only see my ancient lake

ground finely by pestle
of life and love
both lived and lost
in change
leaving only God's cairns
to mark the passage

breathing breath
into lungs long idle
i turn and look
across the basin wide

and walk home
to wait for wincing light
happily bound


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